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The VIP of MWM

All members of MWM are important. This section is designed to point out those members who have contributed above and beyond the other members, who are themselves great for contributing their voices and opinions to the MWM Community.

NoVaCaNe - Founder of MWM Community, and the person who pays for the servers and the web site, NoVaCaNe creates and maintains the servers, as well as the web site and the forum. Together with the other members of the VIP list, they set policy and accept or deny members into the Community. They make new servers and decide what games MWM should be involved with, as well as every other aspect of the MWM Gaming Community activities.

Gambit - Gambit is possibly the funniest person in the Community, he is always on vent making Nightmare and Jimd laugh their heads off. He is a keen fan of the MARVEL comics, hence his name was taken from one of the characters in a comic. He showed his matureness and eagerness to keep the servers fair and cheat free from day 1. He is very eager to improve his skill and he does this every day.

Firearc - Veteran Admin from our ET days, and another longtime member, Firearc is always there to help anyone who needs it. He is an evening person (US Eastern time) and spends his time these days on Vent and Killing Floor. Like many of our admins, he knows the processes quite well because he has been an admin for a while.

Python - Longtime admin! He gets around!!! Python has been there, seen it, done it. His choice of game changes, which is why his position changes. Now as a Constable, whichever game he gets heavily into will not effect his position. He knows the rules inside and out, understands this community, and has been here for years.

Yamato NJ 91 - Longtime admin and Rule Enforcer, it was obvious to all the upper admins of MWM that Yamato would soon become an Ambassador. The mindset, attitude, and manerisms of Yamato are everything we want an admin at MWM to be. He is fair, friendly, and Fun to play with or against.

Z.C-Sharp - Veteran admin, and another longtime member, Sharp runs the TF2 side of MWM. He is the sole admin responsible for the TF2 servers and decides how it should be, so if there is something you want to see on the server, talk to him!

James - Veteran admin since almost the beginning of MWM, and another longtime member, James keeps the forums clean and recruits members. He is a great ally in any game you play!

Megalo - Veteran Specialist. We thank him for supporting the Community financially.

We would like to thank the following people for their contributions:

Special Mention - Bl!ss - Bl!ss has provided this template for the site. He also provided many of the signatures and avitars our members use on the forum. He deserves a "Thanks" from the MWM Community.

Special Mention - A.L.L. - A.L.L. has made some of the graphics for our Servers board. He deserves a "Thanks" from the MWM Community.

Special Mention - Akula - Akula spent over 2 years as a Viceroy here at MWM. His contributions cannot be quantified. He helped shape MWM into what it is today. We are greatful for his assistance and glad he is still a member.

Special Mention - The Translators for our Rules back in the ET days.
German: Basic Rules by Gunslinger & Enigma, SpawnKill Zones by Enigma back in the ET days.
Malaysia: Basic Rules by Silver back in the ET days.
Portuguese: Basic Rules by :Brazonked:, SpawnKill Zones by Felby back in the ET days.
Polish: Basic Rules by Nihon & Jurczyk_PL back in the ET days.
Netherland: Basic Rules by *Rick* back in the ET days.
Finnish: Basic Rules by Efin, SpawnKill Zones by Nh, Errori & Nakki back in the ET days.
Spanish: Basic Rules by Monza, SpawnKill Zones by Franchute & Twitchwut back in the ET days.
French: Basic Rules by Sabotag, Zalasha, Kelejade & Ilmaedrien back in the ET days.

All of our graphics for our web site and forum images and ranks were created by Felby.

We have a great group of people who make Graphics for our members. They are:

And we thank those who have made graphics in the past:

Past Supporters of MWM:

Megalo - Specialist for 71 Months

Matr!x - Specialist for 1 Month

Illusion - Specialist for 2 Months

Shadow - Specialist for 1 Month

LanceIsGod - Specialist for 2 Months

Richy - Ultra Member for 4 Months

Druckerizer - Ultra Member for 6 Months

KeleJade - Donated to MWM - THANK YOU!

Brotherhood619 - Ultra Member for 6 Months

Gambit - Specialist for 3 Months

Felby - Specialist for 3 Months

DillusioN - Specialist for 2 Months

KidMan - Ultra Member for 2 Months

Brotherhood619 - Specialist for 3 Months

Asystole - Ultra Member for 6 Months

Absinth - Ultra Member for 2 Months

Wolf - Specialist for 9 Months

Absinth - Specialist for 2 Months

Ocelot - Specialist for 1 Month

Huggies - Ultra Member for 6 Months

Church - Ultra Member for 3 Months

Ocelot - Ultra Member for 1 Month

James - Donated to MWM - THANK YOU!

Tango - Donated to MWM - THANK YOU!

Jamie - Donated to MWM - THANK YOU!


Founder of MWM, NoVaCaNe runs Internet-related businesses in Barton, Vermont, USA, and hosts the Game Servers in his hosting facility. His company has been around for over a decade and covers everything from web hosting to computer and network support, as well as wireless and hardline ISP. He came to live in Vermont as a result of going to College at the University of Vermont in 1993. He is 36 years old, enjoys gaming, music, Star Wars, movies and cooking. You will mostly see him on the weekends or late evenings briefly. He is in the GMT -5.00 timezone. He is originally from Philadelphia, PA, USA and has one sister. His real name is Colby Marks. Like most college students, he did not major in anything close to his current profession, he majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, but ended up working on computers. In his spare time he also teaches courses privately and at UVM.


I'm Gambit, of course that's not my real name.
But my code name for MWM.

My reasons for choosing this name are numerous.
The largest one is that ever since I was old enough to read comic books, I have been an exclusive Marvel comics fan.
And Gambit always topped that list.
Also, I was born, raised, and reside in Louisiana.
Plus, I love to play card games, and card tricks.
And because of my love of Gambit, and cards, I learned how to actually throw cards.
Interesting talent, but not really useful in practical life. LOL

On to more,(Bored yet?)

I have been a Video game player since I was eleven.
Started with Atari, of course.
Then Nintendo, where I knew I was hooked, because I fended off Jason, on the Friday the Thriteenth game, with nothing but rocks. If anyone knows that game, you are just as old as me....Scary, huh?

I was always interested in how things worked, since I was a kid. And electronics always particularly was interesting.
So at 16 I got my GED, because High School was just NOT for me. I never really had patience for High school drama bullshit.
I went to college, and got my degree in Industrial/Consumer/and Communications Technology.

During the time I was in school, I took a few jobs to support myself.

I was a fast-food worker for a year.
I was a floor cleaner for about six months.
And I was a late night DJ for about a year and a half.
That was fun....Wierd people call in at 3 am...
Of course they were calling a wierd person too, so.
I suppose that makes it nil.

I now work for an office equipment/managed services company. And have for the past six years.
I'm the senior service engineer.(In title, not age.)
Basically second in command to our service manager.

I'm the Father of a beautiful little girl, and husband to a wonderful woman, for the past five years.

That's pretty much it, as far as my personal history.

You'll find I'm a friendly, understanding, pretty laid back guy.
And I do a good Yoda impression.

"Mmm Informed about me, you've been."


Hello, I'm John (Joe) a.k.a. Firearc. I spent my life as a Military brat growing up in one State after another. Starting off my gaming at an early enough age to remember the Commodore. Eventually finding a place to settle down with friends and family like MWM has been a real comfort. After high school I went into steel construction where I still am, um-teen years later. My major interests, aside from gaming, would include automotive mechanics, music (listening to and playing), outdoors, and breaking my computer so I can learn how to fix a new problem. I, like Gambit, live in Central Louisiana Where I met both my wife and Gambit (@ seperate times of course). Born at Camp Lejune North Carolina, spending most of my childhood just north of Pittsburgh, PA. I eventually wound up in LA. Tha'ts about it. ~Firearc


Yo! (Screw Formalities!), I'm Python.

I am an English 15 Year Old (At this current moment) who is also an MWM Constable, currently in Year 11, but hoping to take Computing, Fine Art and Flim Studies in 6th form.

Yes, as I am English I love Cups of Tea and waiting for Bus Stops in the rain, a bit of cricket and moaning never did anyone harm! Despite being English, I have never actually noticed an accent within me. There could be, but I just don't realise it.

So, about me. I am a fan of The Beatles. Yes, I am 15 and I love The Beatles. Due to The Beatles, I have been inspired to pick up a Bass Guitar and a Acoustic Guitar. In fact-- one of my New Years Resolutions for '10 was to learn as many songs as I can!

Also, I LOVE comedy; in particular Fawlty Towers, The Two Ronnies and Rowan Atkinson (Known to you as Mr. Bean) Although Mock the Week and Comedians such as Lee Evans, Michael McIntyre and Dara O'Briain are still very hilarious!

Now. Here we are at an end...

I would like to say that as a person, while I may be an Admin, I do not love when members and guests don't talk to admins or are frightened to because they might be afraid or think that admins are better. I love playing games and talking to people. In my opinion.. playing a game is fun, but if someone I know is playing the fun increases ten fold!

To you reading this, good job for making it to the end! No tl;dr version from me, I'm afraid!

Yamato NJ 91

""Et profile:

Name: YAMATO NJ 91
MWM's rank: ET General.
Joined MWM: 01/30/2008
Accepted in: 02/02/2008
Real name: Peter T. Maximino
Nick name: Ninja
Age: 38 years (almost 39 years by now)
Country: Brazil
Languages: I can speak Japonese, Brazil Portuguese and English

All i can say about me is:

Im married for almost 6 years, i have 2 childrens my first born name is Sabrina H. T. Maximino my youngest child is my boy Guilherme Y. T. Maximino my Wife 's name is Luciane Takaki (AKA Midori), i love to fishing, get some waves with my board whem i have some time left, listening rock like ac/dc, saxxon, iron maiden and i enjoy to heard japonese pop music also brazilian rock music...

Stuff i dont like is Swearing, disrespect and tango (i can take classic music like Mozart or Bethoven but tango i cant)....

I got my own store i work in the rental video bussiness thats why i always seeing playing around, im play video games since i have my 12 years, first time i play FPS was with call of duty a copple years ago in the last december of 2007 start to play ET in KMD battleground for a few days didnt likeand start to look for another server, them get know a server call MWM K.T.A. (Kill This Assholes) and start to play at MWM's server, in january of this years i start to play at snails and James invited me to post a applicaton to join this clan and here i am now.....

My advice for all is HAVE FUN and HAVE A GOOD TIME in MWM's server and always follow our rules...... ""


Hi I'm Jamie and i am an Ambassador. I first started playing games when my friend, Kreka, introduced me to Time Splitters 2, from there on out i was hooked to FPS games. Since i wasn't at Kreka's house all the time and had recently got a new computer i decided to give ET another try, the first time i played it i was so laggy that i crashed Akula's server that he made back then. Akula was in the Community at the time so i sticked to MWM| Snails, since it was my first game, a still haven't really been on any other server apart from MWM till today for ET. A while later i started playing TF2 and liked it alot so brought it, once again played it at Kreka's house, and a very long time later made a post that we should expand into TF2, and after enough people agreed we expanded into it! After that Akula told me that i could be a TF2 general and i accepted and from there on out i have been just helping Nova set up the server.

My xfire is zcsharp and steam is zcsharp and if anyone needs help with ET, TF2 or just really anything that i can help with i will help.

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