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Spawn Killing as defined by MWM Clan

MWM SERVERS DO NOT ALLOW SPAWN KILLING. (SpawnKill Central is the ONLY SERVER that allows Spawn Killing). Many people have different definitions of "Spawn Killing" and some people do not know what it is. So, here is a page that explains it as clear as we can:

Remember, shooting into one of these zones which are defined as spawn killing zones, no matter where you are when you shoot, is considered spawn killing. HOWEVER there is ONE EXCEPTION. Spawn killing is killing someone in the spawn kill zone. Spawn CAMPING is someone who uses that zone as cover and SHOOTS FROM the zone. Most of the time these are people ON MGs, Mortars and Snipers. YOU MAY KILL THESE PEOPLE IN THE SPAWN KILL ZONE! However, you may NOT use a flame, mortar, panzer, artillery or airstrike to do it. You MUST specifically target the SPAWN CAMPER and not just aimlessly shoot into the spawn. If YOU accidentally kill a non-spawn-camper while trying to take out a spawn camper, YOU will be booted for Spawn Killing, even though it wasn't your intention! It is recommended that only snipers and people with really good aim try to take out spawn campers. Additionally, people using the spawn kill zone as cover and NOT shooting are NOT allowed to be killed. The spawn kill zone is there FOR COVER, so if someone wants to hang there and feed ammo and health to newly spawned people, you have NO CLAIM to kill them! Also, AFK Players are NOT TO BE KILLED!

Also remember, going into the place where people ACTUALLY spawn and using ANY weapon on them will result in IMMEDIATE BAN!

Final point to remember, it is ALWAYS OK to destroy objectives no matter what zone they are in. This means if a Tank enters a SK zone, you can hit it with whatever you need to in order to stp it. If a person is running with an objective, it doesn't matter where they go you can kill them.



There are three zones. The Command Post spawn point can be destroyed by blowing up the command post, so it is always recapturable and therefore never protected.

Zone 1 is Allies spawn, and it is NEVER OK to kill people and this zone is ALWAYS a sk zone, even once the allies have captured the next spawn. The FENCE LINE is the limit...once allies cross the fence line, you may kill them. Of course anyone ON THE MG above the spawn is killable whether they are shooting it or not! That does not mean you can kill someone standing NEXT to it, only someone ON it. If you use your binoculars, it is obvious when someone is ON it vs in front of it or next to it. Do not just shoot bodies you see in the upper window, that would be SPAWN KILLING.

The middle section, the first objective, is capturable therefore it is ok to kill people there, until the gates are blown and the spawn becomes forever owned by Allies. At that point, it is NEVER OK for axis to enter the bunker or shoot into the bunker at ANY TIME unless killing a camper. Allies standing on the LEDGE past the upper spawn point are OK to shoot. The spawn is literally ONLY INSIDE the bunker, anything OUTSIDE is OK to kill. HOWEVER, you may NOT call artillary on the ledge nor use mortars to hit the ledge, as that splash damage will kill people ACTUALLY spawning!

Zone 2 is Axis Spawn, and it is NEVER OK to kill anyone here. As you can see from the picture, the zone extends to the TWO FORWARD entrances. Allies, you may run through this zone to head upstairs and build the crane, but you may NOT kill anyone inside the FIRST FLOOR of the zone, nor may you EVER head down to the basement, where the Axis actually SPAWN. You may call artillary ONTO the building, as splash damage into the doorways is acceptable, but do not fire weapons into this zone. Also note that ANYONE AT THE TOP WINDOW AS NOTED BY THE ARROW MAY BE KILLED and you may fire PANZERS or anything else you want into that window to kill, it is NOT part of the SPAWN KILL ZONE! You may also kill anyone in the STAIRWELL which leads to the 2nd floor inside this building.

This shows the backside exit from the spawn of axis. It is not OK to kill axis on the inside of this entrance. You can only kill them once they exit the cave!


There are three zones. The first zone is always ALLIES. The second zone is capturable but only by getting the TANK to blow the gate, so there is NEVER any killing in this ZONE by EITHER SIDE. Zone 3 is always Axis. There is never any killing in zones 1 or 3. The ONLY excepts are SPAWN CAMPERS and if an ally goes into a zone with the objective.

Zone 1 is Allies spawn, and it is NEVER OK to kill people and this zone is ALWAYS a sk zone. This is the main exit where the tank is. The building line is where the zone ends. THAT MEANS IF THE ALLIES DON'T MOVE THE TANK RIGHT AS THEY SPAWN, YOU MAY NOT CALL ARTY ON THE TANK AS AXIS BECAUSE THE TANK IS FULLY IN THE SK ZONE!

There are a total of 3 exits from the allies spawn. This is the hallway. Basically, where the hallway splits so that you can go out to the courtyard left, right to the command post, and straight continuing on through the borridor, that is where the zone ends.

As mentioned, there is a third way out of the spawn, the door only allies can go through. AXIS MAY NEVER ENTER THIS DOOR. A COVERT MAY NOT LET OTHERS IN THROUGH THIS DOOR, but anything you can kill even if the door opens is OK to kill as axis.

Zone 2 is Axis Spawn initially, and it is NEVER OK to kill anyone here no matter WHO has the zone. These boundaries apply to BOTH teams. Basically the building is off limits. Anyone inside the building, unless camping, is safe. HOWEVER the second floor, where the balconies are, is NOT PART OF THE ZONE and therefore not protected. Only campers can be killed on the first floor of this zone.

Again, the zone can only be captured by getting the tank here to roll over the gate, so there is never a time it is OK to go into the building unless it is YOUR TEAM'S SPAWN. You may, as always, pass through it but you may not shoot not even to return fire!

And the back can kill people on the dock but not inside the doorway.

Zone 3 is the Axis spawn. Basically the building is off limits from this view. Do not enter the building from this side and kill anyone or it is considered Spawn Killing, and do not shoot into the doorways, do not panzer the left entrance.

This view is to show what it looks like when you enter from the Axis command post. If, as an ally, you make it into the back area of the building, if you come to these steps (the ONLY steps you come to from the back hallways), you may not kill anyone until AFTER they get down the steps. This is not very far from the actual spawn point.


There are three zones. The first is always Allies. The second is always Axis, and the third BECOMES allies once they blow the first objective. The third is the upstairs area where the command post is, and is never un-capturable. It is also not a spawn point until after allies blow the doors.

Zone 1 is Allies spawn, and it is NEVER OK to kill people and this zone is ALWAYS a sk zone, even once the allies have captured the next spawn. The EXIT from the building is the line for the end of the zone. Only campers or the person with the objective may be killed in this zone.

This is the other exit from this zone.

Zone 2 is Axis Spawn, and it is NEVER OK to kill anyone here. There are times you may want to run through this zone and that is fine, but do not kill anyone here. It is a VERY small zone...only the landing, so be careful. Once axis come down and take the last step off the stairs, they may be killed. If they cross the doorway they can be killed. Also of course, if they are camping they may be killed.

The second Allies spawn is difficult to picture unless you have been there and know the map. This first picture shows where the allies spawn (in the little room on the right). It is a common thing for axis to come up the stairwell behind that room and hide in the room on the left, so there is no killing until allies get through that doorway. Of course an engi or covert can go in and blow the command post (pictured below) but you cannot shoot allies because the command post is INSIDE the sk zone.
This is the view FROM the actual spawn of the allies. You can see the command post there on the left. There is another large path which most allies take after spawning...axis may not kill allies until after they cross the line.


There are two zones. The middle section, the town, is ALWAYS capturable therefore it is ALWAYS ok to kill people there.

Zone 1 is Axis. As you can see from the command map, there are two paths out of the spawn hut and there is no way to hide inside the hut and shoot out so there is really no camping here at the hut. You can kill axis once they get off the steps, and as always, any campers can be killed.

This shows the second exit from the spawn of axis. It is not OK to kill axis by the truck, you must wait for them to cross the line. This is a tight map at the start for Axis and these rules to not help axis much, but they do help a little. No calling arty on the truck. The only way allies can shoot at axis is to hide across the street by the buildings, so don't do it.

Zone 2, Allies, is simple. You must let them get out of the building. If an ally is standing on the deck and NOT shooting, then you may not shoot at them! The deck is protected and considered SK zone. The stairway down on the left is also SK zone. You can kill allies once they step off the stairs. For the right side, there is a little protection - no panzering the hallway. This is also a small zone for allies, however, it is fair given how small the SK zone is when axis begin.

As always, if an axis takes the documents, they may be killed WHEREVER they go. If they go back to the first spawn, you may follow and kill them.

Also note that these two zones NEVER STOP being SK zones. When one team captures the town, that does not void their other SK zone. So, it is NEVER OK to kill in zone 1 or 2 unless the objective or a spawn camper is in the zone, and to kill a camper you may NEVER use heavy weapons, artillary, or splash-damage other may ONLY kill the camper so BE ACCURATE!

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