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Spawn Killing as defined by MWM Gaming Community



MWM SERVERS DO NOT ALLOW SPAWN KILLING. (SpawnKill Central is the ONLY SERVER that allows Spawn Killing). Many people have different definitions of "Spawn Killing" and some people do not know what it is. So, here is a page that explains it as clear as we can:

Remember, shooting into one of these zones which are defined as spawn killing zones, no matter where you are when you shoot, is considered spawn killing. HOWEVER there is ONE EXCEPTION. Spawn killing is killing someone in the spawn kill zone. Spawn CAMPING is someone who uses that zone as cover and SHOOTS FROM the zone. Most of the time these are people ON MGs, Mortars and Snipers. YOU MAY KILL THESE PEOPLE IN THE SPAWN KILL ZONE! However, you may NOT use a flame, mortar, panzer, artillery or airstrike to do it. You MUST specifically target the SPAWN CAMPER and not just aimlessly shoot into the spawn. If YOU accidentally kill a non-spawn-camper while trying to take out a spawn camper, YOU will be booted for Spawn Killing, even though it wasn't your intention! It is recommended that only snipers and people with really good aim try to take out spawn campers. Additionally, people using the spawn kill zone as cover and NOT shooting are NOT allowed to be killed. The spawn kill zone is there FOR COVER, so if someone wants to hang there and feed ammo and health to newly spawned people, you have NO CLAIM to kill them! Also, AFK Players are NOT TO BE KILLED!

Also remember, going into the place where people ACTUALLY spawn and using ANY weapon on them will result in IMMEDIATE BAN!

Final point to remember, it is ALWAYS OK to destroy objectives no matter what zone they are in. This means if a Tank enters a SK zone, you can hit it with whatever you need to in order to stp it. If a person is running with an objective, it doesn't matter where they go you can kill them.

Oasis: It is NEVER OK to kill ANY PLAYER who is in circle 3. If YOU choose to run through that zone, it is NOT OK for you to kill anyone who shoots at you! You should not be in there!!!! Zone 2 works like this. Until the wall is blown and Allies have Secured the spawn, anything is allowed. Arty, Flame, Panzer, whatever. Until the spawn is secured by blowing up the wall, you can do whatever. However, once the allies HAVE secured the old city, there is NO KILLING of allies in the spawn courtyard....No arty or shooting into the courtyard. You can kill on the Axis side of the blown wall, but not the allies side. As you can see the circle, if an axis gets behind the spawn, in the zones between 1 and 2, then they can kill any stray allies running around that area...but NOTHING in the circle! The ONLY exception is the water pump. It is axis' job to blow the water pump in the spawn. IF and only if a team of axis comes up the tunnel to GUARD an engineer who is planting dyno, they may shoot whoever comes near the pump. But the axis cannot go to the resupply next to the spawn or stray from the pump killing allies. Also, arty IS ALLOWED (not airstrike) on the tunnel, so if an axis is IN the tunnel and walks up to the opening, they may call for arty, which is centered on the tunnel. They may not come up the tunnel and call for arty in the courtyard.

Here are In-Game Screenshots of the zones.

Zone 1:

Do not kill any allies on the Allies side of the green line. When you are axis in the game, just remember, the first foot bridge is the limit.

Zone 2:
Before the allies blow the wall, ANYTHING GOES in Zone 2. All of these limits are AFTER the wall is blown. Also, Zone 1 is now gone and anyone can be killed in Zone 1 once Zone 2 wall is blown.

Killing on the Courtyard side of the green line is NOT allowed. If you want to get to the old zone 1 as axis, you may go for it, but you will have to cross no-kill zone, so you better not try killing anyone. Why would anyone want to go here? Because Engineers and Covert Ops still want to testroy the Command post, which you need to cross this spawnkill zone to reach.

This is the infamous wall. INSIDE the circle is flex-room. Artying the WALL itself will result in some arty on each side of the wall. Nading the wall will cause some to go on each side. Of course zone 2 only matters once this wall is gone, so doing these things to the wall debris IS ALLOWED. Some arty will stray, some nades will stray, some poison gas will stray....that is OK. But shooting a panzer or MP40 into the allied side of the wall is NOT OK. Allies who like to crouch by the door (bottom right) and peak around and shoot axis are considered SPAWN CAMPING and can be shot. Additionally, anyone in the ammo/health cabin who are SHOOTING can be shot (NO PANZERS INTO THAT ROOM AXIS....).

Lastly for allies, the water pump. The pump is in the courtyard but because it is an objective for axis, there are some rules. The immediate surrounding area of the pump is fair game. However, this is the important part...allies who come out of the spawn shooting at axis by the pump - axis you CANNOT SHOOT BACK! The lines are where the PLAYER is not where the bullets are. Until an ally crosses the line, he cannot be killed by axis! You are there to plant it and get out. Do not use that zone as a hiding place to take out allies.

Just so we are perfectly clear, ANY ALLIED SOLDIER who is not shooting at you who is standing in the GREEN ZONE is to NOT be shot, stabbed, panzered, atry'd, mortared, poisoned, or otherwise harmed in any way!

Zone 3:

The archways are your limits. Do not enter the archways and do not shoot any axis on their side fo the archway. If you as an engineer choose to enter this archway to take the stairs that lead to the command post to blow it up, you may do that but if you are being shot in the process, you MAY NOT SHOOT BACK. There are 5 entrances to the guns. If you choose to take the only one that goes by the axis spawn, it is your fault for being shot.

The arch directly across from the spawn. No killing any axis on their side. That means if you are an allied soldier all the way across the way over at the arch between the two guns, you cannot shoot people until they cross the arch!

Finally, allies like to kill axis by coming up this path. However, the limit is simple. No killing people on the axis side of the line. The exception to this is one you all know....the camping rule. If you are allies who just came out the (water pump) tunnel and you are running along the southern path to the guns and axis are on the other side of this line shooting at you, YOU CAN SHOOT BACK, but you cannot shoot if they are not shooting!!!

Battery: It is NEVER ok to kill ANYONE in zones 1, 2 or 5. It is ALWAYS ok to kill in zones 3 and 4. Since zones 3 and 4 can always be taken by either side, both are available for killing. Notice that zone 1 and 2 extend a little into the water and on the beach. No airstrikes or arty that will get into the zone. Do not throw the airstrike marker NEXT to the circle, as the strike itself will extend into the no-kill zone.

Here are In-Game Screenshots of the zones.

Zone 1:

Unless they are camping, do not kill allies on their side of the green line. That green line extends ALL THE WAY BACK IN THE WATER TO THE EDGE OF THE MAP. No coming up behind them. You may only kill campers.

Zone 2:

There is a second spawn for allies. The zone is small. Anyone on the beach is fair game. In the water between the metal X'es is not allowed. Axis do not come around the command post way and kill them in the spawn. Allies should not be in this zone very long as there is not much that can be done at the spawn zone.

Zone 5:

Axis only has one place they cannot be killed, and that is Zone 5. No killing axis until they are off the stairs.

That also means no killing them until they are off the stairs around the BACK of their spawn either.

Goldrush: It is NEVER OK to kill in zone 1. Until allies have taken the tank, zone 2 is not considered spawn killing. If the tank enters Zone 3 (right before you blow the bank), zone 3, outside of the actual spawn itself, is NOT considered spawn killing...however anything in the area where soldiers actually spawn is always considered spawn killing. A little more elaboration on zone 2....Shooting INTO the hallways where soldiers come out of the spawn, as you can see from the circles, is considered spawn killing. On zone 3, using the mounted MG across the courtyard (next to the truck) - Using that MG is NOT considered spawn killing, but do not kill in the circle! Likewise, the mounted MG in the path of the tank right before the axis courtyard - whatever it can hit is not considered spawn killing. But, before the tank makes it to the courtyard, shooting from the truck barrier #1 at the axis spawn hallway is considered spawn killing. Once the tank makes it to the courtyard, that hallway is fair game for anything, including airstrikes and arty. The axis are expected to go the other way out of their spawn once the tank gets there. Allies are still not allowed to enter the hallway or the spawn.

Here are In-Game Screenshots of the zones.

Zone 1:

Axis like to hang by the ammo/health cabinets. Anything they can kill from there is fair game. Arty may stray a little around this line, but this is the line for anyone coming around the other way down the stairs. This gives allies plenty of room.

This is from the other side, where the truck barriers are. No killing in-line with the building. That is the limit. Allies must cross this line before you begin killing.

Zone 2:
This zone is the biggest point people do not get. The RED line is if the tank is still IN the spanwkill zone. If the tank IS there, then killing on the AXIS side of the RED line is OK, but killing on the ALLIED side of the RED LINE is NOT OK. However, once the tank is moved beyond the spawnkill zone, the green lines dictate what is OK. As you can see, there IS a little space OUTSIDE of the covered hallway so do not just kill someone when you see them!
When the AXIS have the spawn:

ANYTHING outside of the BUILDING is OK to kill.

When the ALLIES have the spawn and the TANK is IN FRONT of the large ARCH:

When the ALLIES have the spawn and the TANK is PAST the large ARCH (RED LINE):

Zone 3:
Likewise, Zone 3 has 2 distinct states. These first two pictures are at normal times, when the tank has NOT passed tank barrier 2. It is NOT OK to shoot into the hallway. It is NOT OK to arty between the steps and the hallway because arty WILL leak over into the spawn zone. The closest you can arty is the STAIRS or the BRIDGE, not the ground in front of the spawn zone.

Additionally, this hallway is OFF LIMITS to killing. Once they get past that hallway (like headed behind the bank) you can kill them. Also, once they come out of the archway you can kill them with the MG mounted across the courtyard. You may NOT just shoot whoever is running through that hallway with the MG!

Just like zone 3, once the tank enters this zone, the first part of the no-kill zone disappears. The new zone extends only into the hallway from the axis side. You can kill anyone coming out of here. It is expected of axis to go the other way once the tank is here. It is also OK to arty behind the tank once the tank reaches its final destination to blow the doors.

When the TANK has NOT passed the BRIDGE:

Therefore NO PLANTING MINES and NO ARTY!!!! - No Panzering downt he HALL either! No SNIPING or MG up on the far platform. No standing over the bridge shooting axis who emerge from the hallway!!!

When the TANK has NOT passed the BRIDGE:

When the TANK HAS passed the BRIDGE:

You MAY NOW kill ANYONE in the first hallway where the green circle is, HOWEVER you may NOT go into the hallway and shoot people in the little room. Arty and Mortars may now rain down on the GREEN DOT. You may now snipe or MG from that great spot past the first truck barrier. Killing in the hallway is LEGAL!

Radar: It is NEVER OK to kill in zone 3. No exceptions. Zone 1 includes anything INSIDE the spawn house AND the immediate surroundings...which means the wall. Anything on the axis side of the brick wall is OK but anything inside is not. As for zone 3, you may not shoot at the doorways (all 4) which get the axis out of their spawn. Once they get a little away from the doorway, you can kill them. Zone 2 works like this. Until the main entrance is breached, anything goes. It is not spawn killing. However, once the main entrance is blown, axis cannot kill allies between the truck and the spawn - so no shooting into the hallway where allies emerge from any of the three exits of the spawn. Once they get outside of the north or east entrances though, you can kill them. But the south entrance you must wait until they pass the truck. Zone 4 is ONLY inside the barracks. Any killing OUTSIDE the bunker is OK, but shooting INTO the barracks is considered Spawn Killing! Zone 5 is NEVER considered spawn killing because it can ALWAYS be switched to the other team removed as an allied spawn by destroying the command post. If anything inside this location were considered spawn killing, covert ops or engineers of axis would never be allowed in to go in to destroy it!

Here are In-Game Screenshots of the zones.

Zone 1:

As mentioned, kill on the AXIS side of the wall only. Once the main gate is blown and allies have secured the second spawn, this zone disappears...although there really isn't any reason to be here once the allies secure the forward bunker.

Axis can stay on the OTHER side fo this tunnel and kill anything that ENTERS the tunnel, but may not shoot OUT of the tunnel.

Zone 2:

Once the forward bunker has been secured by blowign the MAIN gate, all entrances to the bunker are protected. Any allies in those hallways are not to be shot.

And there is no killing on the ALLIES SIDE of the TRUCK - this means NO KILLING in the hallway to the spawn, and no artying the truck itself!

Zone 3:

This is the MAIN entrance to the axis spawn, the place most people exit after spawning. Do not kill axis IN the hallway or in the spawn. General rule....if AXIS are ini this building, DO NOT KILL THEM. Looking at the upper RIGHT of this picture, you can see the OTHER exit from the spawn. It is NOT OK to kill anyone in that doorway or anywhere else inside the building.

Eastern exit from the spawn.

Southern exit from the spawn.

Zone 4:

There is another location axis can spawn. it is the barracks! I know, a lot of people don't realize this is in fact a spawn point. Not only that, it cannot be captured by allies, so IT IS A NO KILL ZONE!!! As you can see from the picture, if an axis dies INSIDE the barracks by a weapon of yours, you will be booted from the server.

Railgun: It is Never OK to kill in zones 1 and 2. Since Zone 3 can never be secured, it is ALWAYS OK to kill in Zone 3. Zone 1 means Axis side of the wall there is to be no shooting or arty. Zone 2 means NO hiding in the hut next to the spawn and no killing before the large tower where the MG is built.

Here are In-Game Screenshots of the zones.

Zone 1:

This is the spot which causes the most problems. NEVER CROSS THE WALL AS AN ALLY. There is NO reason for you to be back there...nothing to destroy. If you are bringing the train back, jump out of it at the wall, do not take it all the way back to the spawn. No shooting into the spawn. Only exception is killing spawn campers. Mortar teams and snipers like to use the spawn as cover. They can be killed, but as the first paragraph stated, use only precision weapons. If you ever arty the cabin you will be booted immediately.

Zone 2:

Western exit of the spawn by allies. General rule for axis...if you can see the allies from the ground (the railroad tracks) when looking at this point, you can kill them. If you are on the MG behind the command post, if you can see it you can kill it. You can even Arty the stairs which lead up to it AND you can arty the MG that is up here. But do not cross the lines. If you go up there, allies can see you all the way from the spawn and you cannot shoot at them so there is no point for you to be here...stay down the steps.

Do not shoot allies who have not crossed the little cabin line. Do not hide behind the hill on the left of the cabin and shoot allies.

Finally, the majority of the frozen lake is also off-limits. Because you can see down the lake all the way to the spawn, it just opens up a can of worms. Stay off the lake - there is no reason for axis to be there.

Fuel Dump: It is NEVER OK to kill in ANY of the three zones! Zone 1 includes the area immediately surrounding the house. Remember, shooting into this zone no matter where you are is considered spawn killing! Zone 3 is considered any of the hallways - allies should not enter the bunker at any time....any killing while inside the bunker is considered spawn killing WITH ONE EXCEPTION - while YOU are not allowed INTO the spawn, any shooting INTO zone 3, for example the two large windows which snipers love to sit at, is NOT considered spawn killing. You can send panzers into there and sniper shots - all fair game. As for zone 2, since it can only be captured by completing an objective, it is never OK for the opposite-team soldiers to be in there. Since there are many exits and each hallway is protected from the spawn and gunfire, shooting into spawn 2 while YOU are outside of the ring IS allowed.

Here are In-Game Screenshots of the zones.

Zone 1:


Zone 2:

At all times, no matter WHO has the spawn, the next three images apply. There is to be NO KILLING on the spawn side of the line. That means NO SHOOTING into this hallway. They MUST get out of the hallway before you can kill them.

Same here. They MUST be out of the doorway before they can be killed.

However, in the upper exits, if you see it then you can kill it. Snipers all the way across the map at the footbridge can snipe INTO these doorways. Most of the time axis are using it as a cover as a sniper anyway.

But remember, in all cases, if it is not your spawn, you should not be IN zone 2 no matter what. There is NO REASON for you to be in Zone 2 so do not be there.

Zone 3:

As stated, this entrance of Zone 3 is somewhat different from the other zones on other maps. LOOKING THROUGH THIS ENTRANCE, you cannot kill until it gets out of the entrance. Do not be hiding in the MG room shooting into this doorway. However, there are two windows which face the path allies are approaching. If you are a sniper, panzer, on the ground with grenades or poison gas, if you can get it into the window, it is OK to do. YOU cannot be in that room, and you cannot shoot at it from the entrance, but if you can get it in a window it is GOOD!

Do not kill anyone until they exit the bunker. It is not OK to kill anyone until they get OUT this doorway.

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