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MWM Total Annihilation, a massive bloodletting festival Server

Our servers have features which will be depicted by the following icons:
Punkbuster EnabledFriendly Fire Enabled
Omni-Bots PresentPassword Required
Balanced Teams EnabledHeavy Weapons Restricted
Anti-Lag Enabled

Originally created to test things, like maps, omnibots, mods, and settings, this has become one of the most popular servers in our mix. The name inspired by the popular Real-Time Strategy game from 1997 with the same name, there are plenty of omnibots on to play with and against. The omnibots are set on a level that is challenging, but not overwhelming to the experienced ET player. Most of these Omni's are Medics, so this is a Rambo-Medic haven. It is difficult for players to get their medic skills up, and it is difficult to get amo when you run out....but if you are injured, they'll all come running to your rescue!

Total Annihilation has a Custom Sound Pack (Put it in your Jaymod Folder):

This server has the following Map Rotation:

OR you can download ALL the maps in one download HERE - Save the file anywhere and extract to ETMAIN folder.

Current Live Status of MWM | Total Annihilation:

PLAYER RANKS on MWM | Total Annihilation:

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