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MWM Star Wars Servers, a Total Conversion Mod Server

Our servers have features which will be depicted by the following icons:
Punkbuster EnabledFriendly Fire Enabled
Omni-Bots PresentPassword Required
Balanced Teams EnabledHeavy Weapons Restricted
Anti-Lag Enabled

This Jaymod server has been revamped with the Star Was full conversion mod. The mod is still in beta and does have a couple bugs, but most people who liked the first Star Wars mod love this one so much more. Both sides have helmets traditional to rebels and imperials. The soldier class of the empire is a full Storm Trooper uniform. Additionally, to make things real authentic, the weapons have been completely redone, except for satchel charges. In the first mod, there were Light Sabers for knives. In this one, the light sabers remain, but all other weapons have also been modified. You are not shooting bullets anymore...they are all laser guns. Grenades have been replaced, flamethrower is now an electricity ray gun, dynamite is now a futuristic charge which releases Darth Vader breathing instead of ticking, the panzer shoots a plasma ball, tank weapons sound like imperial walkers shooting, and all sounds are custom, including the sound you make when dying! The download isn't small, but for the Star Wars fan, it is well worth the wait. This Star Wars is running the original 6 maps. Go Here to read all about the mod and view screenshots.

We have two custom Star Wars files per server you need to download. Both files need to go into a folder called JAYWARS (create it beside jaymod and etmain, not in jaymod or etmain). If you want to play on Star Wars b4, get the first two files. If you want to play on Star Wars Jedi Knights, get the first and third files:

This server has the following Map Rotation:

Be sure to visit the STAR WARS CUSTOM MOD SITE to find out more information about this mod.

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