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MWM NoQuarter, a Fun NoQuarter Mod Server

Our servers have features which will be depicted by the following icons:
Punkbuster EnabledFriendly Fire Enabled
Omni-Bots PresentPassword Required
Balanced Teams EnabledHeavy Weapons Restricted
Anti-Lag Enabled

A NoQuarter server with Fun settings enabled!

This brings the game to an entirely new level. No more hiding behind a doorway or wall to avoid the bazooka. You can chase the enemy with a Bazooka shot!

Our NoQuarter needs this file which Makes it Unique (Put in the noquarter folder):

This server has the following Map Rotation (Click to Download - Save all Map Files in ETMAIN folder):

OR you can download ALL the maps in one download HERE - Save the file anywhere and extract to ETMAIN folder.

Current Live Status of MWM | NoQuarter:

PLAYER RANKS on MWM | NoQuarter:

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