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MWM KTA, an Advanced Stress-Reliever Server

Our servers have features which will be depicted by the following icons:
Punkbuster EnabledFriendly Fire Enabled
Omni-Bots PresentPassword Required
Balanced Teams EnabledHeavy Weapons Restricted
Anti-Lag Enabled

Ever have the urge to kill a Celebrity? We have! Therefore, we have created this server with many people known in the world that people want to kill. However, these aren't pushovers. These Omni-bots have been set on a high level, so you will get real mad when they keep killing you! Let out your anger and frustration....Kill These Assholes! This server is running PunkBuster!

KTA needs this file which Makes it Unique (Put in the Jaymod folder):

This server has the following Map Rotation (Click to Download - Save all Map Files in ETMAIN folder):

OR you can download ALL the maps in one download HERE - Save the file anywhere and extract to ETMAIN folder.

Current Live Status of MWM | KTA:


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