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MWM CS:S, a Beginner's Server

Our servers have features which will be depicted by the following icons:
Punkbuster EnabledFriendly Fire Enabled
Omni-Bots PresentPassword Required
Balanced Teams EnabledHeavy Weapons Restricted
Anti-Lag Enabled

New to Counter Strike: Source? Then this is the perfect server for you!

Standard modes of play, basic Terrorist Vs. Counter Terrorist play.

Get killed, you gotta wait it out until one of the teams wins.

When you spawn, you are in a "buy zone" Where you can purchase weapons, and gear.

A fun server to play, and get to learn the in's and out's of the game.

So log in, pick a team, and have some fun!

While our server is a semi-beginner's server, since it has been around for a while, we also decided to spice up life with 7 custom maps. So, there will be a little downloading but trust us, it is worth it! Use the links below to download them ahead of time - put them in your MAPS folder under cstrike.

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