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MWM Rules

Why do we have rules?

Gaming is meant to be fun….rules ruin that!

Quite the opposite in our view. There MUST be rules for everyone TO have fun!

Here at MWM we have a very simple approach to gaming. Our servers are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, not just members, not just expert players, and not just adults. Therefore, we have rules that make it so all ages, all skill levels, and all races and religions can come together to do one thing, have fun.

In order to accomplish that, the main rule all MWM employs is NO DISRESPECTING ANYONE.
If you read it again, it doesn't say "Obey the admins", it doesn't say "Respect MWM Members", and it doesn't say "MWM will be rude and obnoxious to you". It says no disrespecting ANYONE. Our rules are enforced on guests, our own members, and our own admins. That means our admins will not disrespect you, our members will not disrespect you, and in return we expect the same courtesy.
Whether you have thought about it this way or not, disrespect comes in a great many forms. Calling a new player a "noob" is disrespect. Making fun of a religion or race is disrespect. Using racial slurs is disrespect. Harassing players in-game is disrespect. Causing the team or players grief is disrespect (by blocking doors or not playing but taking up a slot in-game). We are not a place against free speech, but in-game on our servers is not a pulpit for your ramblings on whatever. It is a place to have fun playing the specific game you are playing. You are entitled to your views on the world, on races and religions, but speaking them in-game is not the right place for that discussion and your views may be disrespectful to others. Remember that when you are on our servers. Also remember the fact that all ages will be playing games on our servers so please watch your mouth and attitude. We are not saying you cannot use coarse language, just don't use words you think would get you expelled from school, fired from your workplace, or banned from your church.

Most of our rules are for while you are playing on our servers. The main rules are:
No Cheating
No Bots
No Hacks
While the "Cheating" item should cover no bots or hacks, we have had to educate people on what cheating is in the past. Anything not built-in to the game, not a setting or whatever, is a cheat for that game. Bots and hacks are programs or files you add to your game, not things the game came with. Those are cheats. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage over others is a cheat.

No Spamming
No Team Killing
No Glitching
These items address you causing grief for others while in-game. When you spam, you annoy others and/or block people from communicating about the actual game which can cause the team to lose the game. Also team killing should be obvious why that is not allowed. Glitching causes the game to react strange…other characters to move in odd ways or not move at all, and sometimes even causes the game to crash. All the above keep the game from being fun for others.

No Racism
No Harassment
No Namecalling
Again, these are disrespectful. Sometimes we have to illuminate the specifics of what we do not want people to do because they are not understanding that certain things are wrong, and racism and harassment are wrong no matter where you are.

All of the above items will get you kicked or banned from our servers. Certain items may even get you reported to other authorities. Many of our games are linked to STEAM and steam accounts. If you say particularly racist things to a person in-game and we provide that log to STEAM they may revoke access to ALL online access for that game for your account. It has been done in the past. We take all breaking of our rules seriously and will take it to authorities if you do something bad enough.

Finally, to other clans and communities, we are more than happy to have you on our servers. Our servers are not password protected (most) and all of them are open to all players. However, these are OUR servers. We take pride in our servers and our community. If you do not like the settings on our server, please do not complain, simply leave and go back to your clan/community servers. We have our servers the way we like them, and that may not be the way you like it. Do not disrespect us by badmouthing our community or our servers. Do not tell others how great you think your clan or community is, or how great you think your servers are. When you are on our servers, our servers are the best. Finally, do not tell people to visit your web site or your community or servers. Recruit members from within your servers. If you are caught trying to recruit members while on our servers you may not only get yourself banned from all of our servers in all games, but you may get all members of your community or clan banned from all of our servers.

Our admins are human. They are well screened and vetted for the job, but sometimes they make mistakes. We do not think we are anything more than regular folks like you. If you feel an action by an admin against you (or something you saw against another person) was unfairly done, our admin team would like to hear from you. Go to our forum and post in the "complaints" section - there is a specific topic "Guests post complaints". You can also post complaints there if you see a member or guest doing or saying something you deem wrong or against our rules. Again our admins and members are only human and all humans make mistakes, but here at MWM we hold people accountable for their mistakes, so please let us know what you saw or heard. The more details you can provide the better.

To be a member, and remain a member, there are only a couple more rules.

First, you MUST have a Steam account. It doesn't matter if you are Console gamer or just want to be a member of this community and don't even game! You still must have a steam account. Simply go here: - make an account. Nothing to download or install to have an account. You can do everything over the web that we need from you. Once you have an account, join our public group (link on the left navigation).

Second, make an account on our public forum here:

Third, you are required to be semi-active on our forums. This is so that you can be informed of things going on in this community which you want to join, so if you feel this is a burden, too difficult, do not apply, because inactivity in our forums will get you booted from our community. Activity means you login once a week, and respond to a mandatory thread once a month (only requires you post "here", nothing more), and that you tell us if you need to be gone for some time via our "I will be gone" thread so we don't boot you for missing the mandatory thread.

Fourth, as a member, the rules you see on the left (and detailed above) are the most important things. As a member, you must follow these rules. We are tolerant of guests who break a rule, and we correct their behavior on our forums and in our gameservers, but as members, you know better, so do not break the rules or you will be booted, and maybe even banned from our servers.

Fifth, to change you rname you must POST in the appropriate thread in our forum so we know who you are! If our admins see a name, click "aliases", see no "name change post", you will be instantly booted! There are many imposters, and this thread is the only way we can keep up with name changes, so don't change your name without posting!

Finally, you can be in as many groups on steam as you want, but you can only wear OUR tags in your name, no others. If we see you wearing other tags you will be immediately booted, no questions asked. So if you SHARE a steam account with someone, you must let us know that or you may find yourself booted (besides it is illegal to share steam accounts...but that is a different story).

Start your membership process by clicking "Join MWM" on the left side navigation. The details of how to become a member are there.

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