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MWM Policia

Meet the MWM Policia - Keepers of Peace at MWM

Police - Polizía - Kibara - Policija - Policia - Policie - Heddlu - Politi - Polizei - Polico - Politsei - Policía - Poliisi - Tahachi - Polisi - Policistaro - Lögregla - Vigil - Polis - Politie - Politi - Policja - Chapaq - Polizzia - Canh sát - Police

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Hey there, I’m Evangelion (Formerly Sleepyhead) (Real name is Craig… not ‘Creg’) and I live in Scotland, the worldwide centre of strong alcoholic beverages, men who wear dresses and scared sheep. Seriously though, it’s a nice enough place, though the weather could be better.

I came to MWM for no reason in particular; it had a lot of servers. But I found fair rules and friendly members, and so I stayed. I try my best to help everyone out, both members and guests, and eventually became a Policia.

Outside of the community, I’m interested in music and films, not much else. If you really want to get involved in MWM, you should get Ventrillo (even if you don’t have a mic) because that is where MWM goes from good to great. It can be a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, the vent server is where it all happens. Obviously the forums are great too.

If you want to be an admin, my advice for you is to try and help everyone. You should also understand being an admin isn’t all fun and games, and you have to make tough decisions sometimes. On the plus side, it is nice to help the community out, and actively take part in MWM.

See you in the game, Evangelion.

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