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Here are our Podcasts and the dates they were made:

Over 70 Jigsaw Puzzles to do right here on the web site! Many images are from Member Submitted images! Click the image above to start playing!

Word Search Puzzles to do right here on the web site! Game-related searches and more!

September 5, 2009,MWM makes available a large number of Wallpapers and MWM Branded images. We have a huge variety of sizes and colors for your backgrounds. Take a look at the gallery HERE!

September 5, 2009,MWM makes available a large number of Wallpapers and MWM Branded images. We have a huge variety of sizes and colors for your backgrounds. Take a look at the gallery HERE!

April 3, 2009, MWM has created a Screen Saver and the members have had it available to them for a few months now. At this time, we are making it available to everyone.

Select your Screen Size (or one close to yours) for best quality. The download is an EXE which copies the screensaver file into your WINDOWS directory (so Vista users may have to run it as administrator). It then opens up the screensaver properties window and allows you to set it as your screensaver. File is 10 MB.

Once again, we thank Felby for his great work.

Ventrilo Server
MWM has launched a NEW Ventrilo servers for all to use. You can create any name for your account, but we encourage MWM Members to use their MWM Name so that we all know you are a member. Guests should use the name they are CURRENTLY using on a SERVER which they are playing. The Vent server has limited slots, and MWM Members will be given priority over non-MMW members if the server gets filled. The server can be accessed by going to Vent.MWMGC.Com - PORT 5077 is needed. Don't have Ventrilo? Download It Here. While a microphone is not required because you can send text messages to other people, it is most helpful.

Download Our Files so you Don't Have to Wait when Joining Our Servers!
MWM Community has a Quick Download Server where we host our files which you download when you connect to one of our custom servers. Some of our downloads are rather large. Sometimes it is simpler to download these files and place them in the appropriate folder BEFORE launching your ET - These are the links for each server so you can download the appropriate files and some other useful downloads:

Become an Ally or Friend of MWM
It is easy to become a friend of MWM. Simply create an account on our forums (using your CLAN/COMMUNITY/TEAM/GUILD/LEAGUE/COMPANY tags in your username), post a hello and introduce yourself, give us a link to visit you, and let us know who the "leader" of your group is.

MWM will label your account a "Friend" of MWM for all others to know you are a friend of us. It doesn't matter what game you play, on what platform you play, what clan or community or guild you are in. You don't even have to have a web site or forum, just let us know who you are. Teams, Guilds and Leagues are also welcome, again use your tags in your username. Companies, if you do game-related things, sell computer hardware, games, game clothing, clan gear, embroidered or silkscreened clothing, or want to become a sponsor or have an AD on our web site or forum, create an account and give REAL information in the fields required. We are always looking for friends and allies, and companies and sponors. Once you have setup your account and made a post, PM NoVaCaNe to discuss it. To become an ally, again, put it in your post. We will review your group, discuss it, visit your forums, and most likely contact your "leader" to discuss the possibilities. Simply click "FORUM" at the top of this web site above our logo to signup on our forum.

November 4, 2008, The group of Admins known simply as "The Admins" has become confused with other members of MWM, because the term "admin" simply implies in games that the person can do things, has commands. Well, in MWM, all members have "admin" capabilities. To differentiate these members who do more, who are responsible for patroling and policing our servers, we have now rightfully renamed them to "The Policia". You can meet them HERE

October 5, 2008, MWM has expanded into ALL GAMES! No longer are MWM members confined to the games MWM specifies. If it is multiplayer or it is online, MWM Members are in the MWM Gaming Community in that game! We are also now accepting applications to MWM Gaming Community from anyone playing or not playing a game...the community is what matters, not the game! Click "Join" in the upper left corner of the site for more information.

TeamSpeak Server
MWM Community has DECOMMISSIONED the TeamSpeak server, since no one was using it. Please use the VENT server.

Older News Articles

December 21, 2009 09:14PM EST, MWM has appointed a new Ambassador - Dillusion! Congrats, you have earned it.

December 18, 2009 06:31PM EST, MWM has Altered the TF2 PL Only server - For the next 2 weeks, it is our CHRISTMAS SERVER - 6 Christmas maps all Christmas Oriented. Come have fun on the server with us! The maps are (Click to download) cp_xMAS_JSS, ctf_2009_xmas_rc1, ctf_four_snowmen_beta1, ctf_snofort_final, ctf_Xmas2Fort_B3 & ctf_xmas_maze. Save the maps in your "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\[YourSteamProfileName]\team fortress 2\tf\maps" folder. These maps will automatically download when you connect to the server, but it saves time to get them here and now.

December 18, 2009 05:25PM EST, MWM announces a new Dedicated Web Site to our new official Frontrunner Game - Killing Floor! Simply go to KillingFloor.MWMGC.Com or (does that URL look familiar? It should!)

December 18, 2009 05:20PM EST, MWM announces a new feature to the MWM Web Site - Puzzles! We now have jigsaw pussles available here to be done on the web, nothing to install. Click the banner below to start playing!

December 18, 2009, 05:15PM EST, The MWM Christmas Party Weekend Event has officially begun!

The schedule of events is as follows:

Friday (Half Day):

•Opening Ceremony (Ventrilo) 10:15PM GMT
•CS:S Hour 10:30 - 11:30PM GMT
•TF2 2 hours 11:35 - 1:35AM GMT
•Recap and Info on Tomorrows Events (Ventrilo) 1:40AM GMT

Saturday (Full day):

•Podcast 4PM - 5PM GMT
•15 minute prep for next event
•KF 2 Hours 5:15PM - 7:15PM
•L4D1&2 2 Hours 7:15pm - 9:15PM
•CoD 1 Hour 9:15pm - 10:15PM
•Recap and Info on Tomorrows Events (Ventrilo) 10:20PM GMT

Sunday (Full Day):

•HL2:DM/UT Series 6PM - 7PM
•ET Zombies 7PM - 8PM
•Karaoke% 8PM - 9PM
•DoD/GMod 9PM - 10PM
•Closing Ceremony 10:05PM - Whenever

December 11, 2009, 08:00PM EST, To celebrate the most recent Killing Floor update, our three "Custom" map Killing Floor servers will be running ONLY the rotation of the 4 new maps just released moments ago. Additionally, map voting has been enabled on all three "Custom" servers. The 4 new maps have also been added to the map rotations of all other Killing Floor servers. The 4-map rotation on the custom servers will revert back to "Normal" for our Custom servers Monday morning.

December 8, 2009, 02:50PM EST, We have Officially expanded into ALL Call of Duty games. Previously we were only involved with World at War, but now we proudly include all Call of Duty games in our list, including the newest, Modern Warfare 2.

November 30, 2009, 10:57PM EST, We have Officially expanded into Left4Dead 2. We have also launched 2 dedicated servers. It is no surprise since most of out Left4Dead members purchased Left4Dead 2.

November 29, 2009, 1:40PM EST, We have PASSWORD PROTECTED 4 of our Killing Floor servers. They are still available to the public and the passwords can be found in the server description page. Why have we done this? These servers are now for ONLY SKILLED PLAYERS. Killing Floor REQUIRES SKILL at the harder settings. Too many unskilled were "trying" the harder servers. While that is a good thing, it usually results in the death of the entire team, and this is not fair to the skilled players who are trying to have fun. Unskilled players WILL BE KICKED FROM THESE SERVERS. Read all about these password protected servers and to get the password, just click HERE.

November 29, 2009, 12:22PM EST, Major Sadomasochism is now Open! This is a new Killing Floor server tribute to The Flesh Pound, just like "The Dog Pound" and "Natural Selection", but even HARDER. This one is set at "NORMAL" but there is nothing normal about 20 Fleshpounds per human spawning on wave 1! This server requires UBER SKILL and each player MUST handle their own load. There is NO WAY lower level players can play here. Read all about it HERE.

November 28, 2009, 12:10PM EST, Congrats to Jamie, our CS:S General, who was just given a promotion, Killing Floor General of the Armies. He will now be leading the recruitment process and administration of the Killing Floor portion of MWM (the role of the General of the Armies).

November 27, 2009, 06:16PM EST, Natural Selection is now Open! This is a new Killing Floor server tribute to The Flesh Pound, just like "The Dog Pound", but even HARDER. This one is set at "BEGINNER" as well BUT it has FRIENDLY FIRE ON! This server requires UBER SKILL and each player MUST handle their own load. There is NO WAY lower level players can play here. Read all about it HERE.

November 25, 2009, 11:11AM EST, The Dog Pound is now Open! This is a new Killing Floor server tribute to The Flesh Pound! Read all about it HERE.

November 22, 2009, 02:52PM EST, Two of our ET Servers have been altered. The Jaymod server has gotten a map replacement - Dover Bridge has been removed and in its' place is Cathedral. Aparently the bots were too good and people could not complete the objective on Dover Bridge. Cathedral is a much larger map and the objective is easier to complete.

Additionally SniperWar has gotten an entirely new map rotation. All new maps are UJE Sniper maps which our servers have never had. We have had UJE Sniper maps in the past, just not these. Read more about it HERE.

November 22, 2009, 01:49PM EST, Our TF2 CTF-Only server has been replaced with a 3-map-only rotation of CP_Dustbowl, PL_Goldrush and CTF_2Fort. The maps have extended timelimits so that the objective must be completed 3x by the winning team for the map to change. The new server name is "MWM Dustbowl/Goldrush/2Fort Rotation Server". The IP has stayed the same so if it is in your favorites it will automatically update.

November 19, 2009, 10:22PM EST, VOTE KICK has been removed from all of our Killing Floor servers as a result of a couple groups taking advantage of it and taking over our servers. These groups would vote kick anyone they did not want on the server and allow only their friends. The problem is vote kicking bans the player from the server until the server is restarted, which in our case is never, so players were getting banned from our servers because of these jerks. Therefore, no more Vote Kicking.

Additionally, we are trying something new. We have enabled Map Voting so both at the end of a round or anytime during a round, players may vote to change the map. This has been enabled on the following servers: Renegade, Revenge and Insurgency. If it is popular, we will enable it on more servers.

October 30, 2009, 7:37PM EST, In celebration of the new Harvest map for TF2 and this being Halloween weekend, our TF2 server "CP Only" has been temporarily turned into "HARVEST 24/7" where only the harvest map will be run from now until Monday. Additionally, the Killing Floor servers "Custom Carnage" and "Custom Chaos" will be running a map rotation of ONLY Bedlam, Farm and Wyre, also until Monday. Happy Halloween everybody!

October 28, 2009, 9:15AM EST, Now that the mad rush is over, we are redistributing our Killing Floor resources. The three expansion 20-slot servers, Total Madness, Total Insanity and Total Psychosis, are having their skill levels adjusted. They were originally setup as NORMAL difficulty servers. However, now that people are not just jumping on any open server and they are looking at the difficulty, we have moved these from "Normal" since we don't need 4 20-slot servers set the same. Total Insanity has moved to "Skilled", Total Psychosis has moved to "Masterful" while Total Madness has moved to "Inhuman".

Additionally, our other 4 fallover servers, Renegade, Revenge, Insanity and Zombie Magnet, will remain with us a while longer. They are on the most common difficulties so are nice to have around. All 7 servers have been added to the appropriate server information pages.

October 27, 2009, 4:15PM EST, Thank you to the 43,515 guests who visited our Killing Floor servers during the free weekend and content update pack. We apologize if some of our systems lagged a little, but we were not expecting this turnout, and neither did Tripwire. Most of the lag was due to our systems not being able to communicate with Tripwire to validate the thousands of user connections on our servers and update perks and achievements due to network load issues on Tripwire/Steam's side. Almost all issues have subsided, but some game bug issues are still here. Hopefully Tripwire will have an update any day now for those bugs.

October 24, 2009, 11:34AM EST, In further attempts to alleviate all the stress on our servers due to complete capacity for now all 267 players across all 19 of our servers, we have temporarily (meaning for the weekend) shut down the Half-Life 2 and Red Orchestra servers, as well as a few of the Left4Dead servers. They will return Monday. Additionally, our 4 30-slot Killing Floor servers are now 25-slot servers.

Additionally, we have setup even more servers:





October 23, 2009, 11:15AM EST, Due to the FREE WEEKEND by KILLING FLOOR and the lack of promptness of server owners to update their servers, as well as the lack of appropriate amounts of bandwidth on Tripwire's side for the servers to actually update, there are about 10x the number of PLAYERS as there are SERVERS for them to play on!

In an attempt to alleviate the stress and frustration, MWM launches three new identical NORMAL setting servers running NORMAL maps, but with EXTENDED numbers of players. They are NOT permenant additions to the MWM Family of servers. They are only here temporarily. Here they are:

This increases our capacity to 267 guests. We also have our 16+ member only server, which can be increased in capacity all the way up to 50 players.

October 23, 2009, 1:45AM EST, To celebrate the new update and the new maps, and because ALL of our normal killing floor servers are COMPLETELY FULL, with 174 guests plus a filled MEMBERS ONLY server, we have decided to switch our CUSTOM SERVERS over to play ONLY the 3 new maps for the entire weekend.

October 22, 2009, 5:45PM EST, All Killing Floor servers have been updated with the brand new Content Update patch. All 17 servers are available for play.

October 19, 2009, All Killing Floor servers now have the AntiBlocker Mutator running. What does this mean? No one should be able to block the trader anymore. Between waves, when the trader is open, all characters are ghosts and can walk through each other! This should cut down on the annoying jerks who decide to block the trader in the short time you have to complete your business between waves. It does not effect any other aspects of the game, so other doorways can still be blocked. It is an extremely tiny download and will happen automatically upon connection to any of our servers. It also is on the whitelist by Tripwire so it does not interfere with perks or leveling.

October 17, 2009, MWM is proud to boast about our NEW KILLING FLOOR Servers! 3 new servers at difficulty levels NO ONE ELSE HAS! Fresh and Official from Tripwire, able to work your perks and levels and Achievements, we present the following servers:
MWM Gaming Community's Killing Floor Server
S.N.A.F.U. is on level "Skilled" which is right between Normal and Hard. So, if Hard is just too much for you but Normal is just too easy, this is the perfect in-between for you!

MWM Gaming Community's Killing Floor Server
F.U.B.A.R. is on level "Masterful" which is right above Hard. So, if Hard is getting easier and easier, but Suicidal kicks your ass, this is the server for you!

MWM Gaming Community's Killing Floor Server
T.A.R.F.U. is on level "Inhuman" which is right above Masterfil and right below Suicidal. So, if Suicidal is just a little too much to handle, this is the server for you!

And finally, MWM Gaming Community has a Friendly Fire server. It is set at only 10% damage, but that is enough with the perks up. Headshot by a teammate with a crossbow is 60% of your health gone! This server is on the Normal difficulty, for now.
MWM Gaming Community's Killing Floor Server

October 4, 2009, We have changed the PORT NUMBER on "The White Room" Killing Floor server. If you have it in your favorites, you will need to remove it and re-add it with the new port. The new IP and Port are:

October 1, 2009, MWM officially expands into Garry's Mod. We also have our server up and running. It is still a work in progress but please come visit us!
MWM Gaming Community's Garry's Mod Server

September 5, 2009, MWM makes available a large number of Wallpapers and MWM Branded images. We have a huge variety of sizes and colors for your backgrounds. Take a look at the gallery!

August 16, 2009, MWM Officially adds the Unreal Tournament series of games to our list! We have expanded into all Unreal Tournament games, and are looking into hosting a server of the 2003 version. More details soon!

August 14, 2009, We have updated our TF2 servers with the latest Update. Two new Original maps have been added, one CTF and one CP. Also, three new King of the Hill maps have been added. The Vanilla server has all 6 of these and the CP map has been added to our CP server while the CTF map has been added to the CTF server. Also, we shook up our Vanilla map rotation so you never play the same TYPE of map 2 maps in a row! Come play on our servers today!

August 6, 2009, We have updated our Custom Map Servers' Map Rotation! We have added 15 new custom maps to the Servers! Visit our Custom Map Server Page HERE for details!

August 5, 2009, MWM Officially expands into Call of Duty: World at War. We are looking into setting up our own servers. For now, our members play on many servers out there. Forum section added, added to the Games section (on the left navigation), and our roster will soon be populated.

August 4, 2009, Steam makes the following announcement:

Planned Downtime on Thursday, August 6th
August 4, 2009, 4:23 pm - Valve - General Announcement
Beginning at 6:00 pm Pacific time Thursday August 6th, we will be performing software maintenance on some Steam servers. We expect the resulting downtime to last three hours at most, putting the end of the window at 9:00 pm Pacific time.

Some Steam services will be offline during this time. Affected services will include the Steam Community, in-game matchmaking or lobbies, downloading games from Steam content servers, and making purchases from the Steam store. Games that do not rely on Steam matchmaking services should remain playable.

News updates and any further information will be posted in this space.

We will work to make this downtime as short as possible. Thank you for your patience!

This effects MWM in the following ways:

  --  All Killing Floor servers will NOT be tracking stats during this time, but you WILL be able to play.
  --  All Left4Dead servers will be UNAVAILABLE unless players get INTO the server BEFORE maintenance start because there is no LOBBY available, but all is good once the game gets going.
  --  Red Orchestra Servers will be UNAVAILABLE.
  --  Team Fortress 2 Servers will be UNAVAILABLE.
  --  CS:S Servers will be UNAVAILABLE.
  --  HL2DM Servers will be UNAVAILABLE.

August 1, 2009, MWM launches "MWM | Killing Floor: The White Room", a new Killing Floor server running EVERY Whitelisted map by the game maker that we could find. Therefore, the server DOES have all stats enabled and all Perks enabled.

July 31, 2009, MWM updates the maps on two TF2 servers, CP and CTF! CP gets 3 new maps, Labor, Silo and Freight, while CTF gets the massive Aerospace map!

Be sure to download the maps ahead of time to save yourself the delay while connecting to our server. Use the two links below:
CP ONLY Download Page
CTF ONLY Download Page

July 28, 2009, MWM Launches TWO MORE NEW Killing Floor Servers. Like the last two launched, these two are MASSIVE 30-player servers! They have a ton of extra things but nothing for you to download! These are extremely fun servers and allow you to play with ALL of your friends instead of just 5!

The third server is Total Devastation, a HARD skill level server.

The fourth server is Total Eradication, a SUICIDAL skill level server.

Our first two were so successful we had to launch more on the other two skill levels. We also tweaked the hell out of the servers. Read all about these four new "Total Series" servers HERE.

July 26, 2009, MWM Launches TWO NEW Killing Floor Servers. These two are NOT stats-enabled, meaning any killing you do on these servers will NOT be tracked and will NOT count toward your Perks and Leveling, however, they are VAC Secured against cheating and they DO allow you to use any perks and levels you CURRENTLY have. These two new servers are MASSIVE 30-player servers!

The first server is Total Demolition, a BEGINNER'S server level setting. However, things get quite dicey with 600 low level creatures coming to eat you in a cramped area such as the Biolab or the Office. Be prepared for a Fight!

The second server is Total Obliteration, a NORMAL skill level server. We do not feel a "Hard" server is necessary. You don't really know "Hard" until there are 20 players on Biolab with these settings and 600 mid-level creatures coming for you, including 30 scrakes and 16 Flesh Pounders in a SINGLE WAVE!

More detailed server pages coming soon. These two servers run the Standard map rotation.

July 16, 2009, We are again having our TF2 Weekend. It is coming up NEXT weekend, July 25th and July 26th. The weekend will begin at 5PM GMT on the CP ONLY server. That will run for 3 hours then we will al head over to the VANILLA server at 8PM GMT. We will play until our fingers and eyes bleed. Sunday will start at 5PM on the CTF ONLY server, and again go for 3 hours, then we will all move over to the PL ONLY server and play once again until we fall out of our chairs or fall asleep on our keyboards.

TF2 weekends are designed to get people familiar with our servers. We have just recently updated the maps on the servers so time for a fun weekend. We hope everyone joins us. This event is open to MWM Members and the general public. Everyone is welcome!

See You There!

July 15, 2009, We have updated versions of three of our maps for our TF2 PL-ONLY Server custom maps. These fix bugs and have a few important changes. Be sure to download them! We also added Geothermal beta 2 to the CTF server. This is quite a fun map!

July 12, 2009, MWM has revamped the application process. Clicking on the "Join Now" on the left now takes you to an intorduction page with the information you need to know to apply then walks you through the application. SIMPLE! Come join us...It costs nothing but a little bit of your time.

July 4, 2009, Due to the update released two days ago, the difficulties have been altered in the game. "Normal" is now what "Hard" was, "Hard" is now what "Suicidal" was, and "Suicidal" is now "Insanely Suicidal". Likewise, "Beginner" is now "Normal" so we have setup a "Beginner" server to bring back normal gameplay difficulty.

July 2, 2009, With the updated patch released moments ago, there are very few Killing Floor servers available. Depending on the popularity of our servers, these may be here forever or for only a limited time, but we have released 4 MORE SERVERS!!! Their status bars are below, and soon we will have info pages on them. Mwmbers Only is for members of MWM, and is password protected. Sorry guests, this one is not for you. "Feeling Suicidal" is a normal map rotation on Suicidal. "Custom Chaos" is on difficulty 2, meaning "Normal". "Custom Mayhem" is on Suicidal. Both are our custom map rotation. Download the maps before connecting to speed up your game. Click the "Custom Carnage" server info HERE to download the individual maps.

June 28 & 29, 2009, MWM Officially expands into Killing Floor! Games list updated, Forum discussion boards created, and THREE brand new Killing Floor MWM Servers have been launched! You can read all about the Staying Alive Server (Normal) HERE, the Dead Again (Hard) Server HERE, & the CUSTOM MAP (Normal) Server HERE.

June 27, 2009, MWM Officially expands into Red Orchestra! Games list updated, Forum discussion boards created, and a brand new Red Orchestra MWM Server has been launched! - Info page will come soon. It is a Beginner's server with all of the default settings. Great place to learn how to play the game!

June 21, 2009, All of our ET Servers which were previously on Jaymod 2.0.4 or 2.0.6 are now on Jaymod 2.1.7 and our servers Jaymod, KTA and Total Annihilation got new maps. Additionally, Total Domination and Total Destruction have been launched in 2.60b world with custom map rotations.

June 14, 2009, Thank you everyone who came to the MWMCON 2009 to celebrate our Anniversary. Thanks for another great year members and we look forward to another year of expanding into games and having more fun!

Congrats to the following people for winning competitions:

  • Z.C-Sharp for winning the Warbel Competition
    - Prize is an MWM Hat
  • Gambit, Z.C-Sharp, Ninja, Requiem & Ocelot for winning the TA Saberpeak Challenge
    - Prize is an MWM Hat
  • Salamand for winning the ET Zombies Competition
    - Prize is a $20 Steam Shopping Spree
  • Ninja for winning the Karaoke Competition
    - Prize is a $30 Steam Shopping Spree
  • Sleepyhead for winning the Knife Throwing Competition
    - Prize is Day of Defeat: Source
  • Firearc for winning the Iron Man Competition
    - Prize is Day of Defeat: Source
  • Redneck-Alkatraz for winning the Around the World Competition
    - Prize is Day of Defeat: Source
  • And Brotherhood619 for winning the Random Drawing for showing up for all 3 days of the MWMCON 2009
    - his prize is a $50 Steam Shopping Spree!

The random entry winner for the $50 Steam Shopping Spree was chosen randomly and we recorded the drawing HERE.
If you missed any of the VENT events, their links to listen to the recordings are listed below in the schedule of events and also on the downlaods page.

June 10, 2009,
As you may or may not know, this weekend is the SECOND anniversary of MWM, and us admins think that is a big deal, so we are throwing a HUGE PARTY ALL WEEKEND LONG starting FRIDAY (tomorrow) at 6PM EST (11PM GMT). We have events planned all weekend, as well as about $250 of prizes to give away for various things. All guests are welcome as well, but our prizes are only available for our members. Also, non-members may not participate in any of the competitions which have prize awards.

Our schedule of events is posted on the X-Fire calendar and will be listed below.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen. The biggest MWM event of the whole summer.

JUNE 12TH - 14TH

MWMCON 2009 Schedule of Events

OPENING EVENING (Friday, June 12th 2009):

6 PM EST (GMT -5): The "opening speech" will be given. This will be given by our esteemed leader, NoVaCaNe. It will be recorded and put up on the main site for all to listen to should you miss it.

Listen to the Speech by NoVaCaNe HERE
Listen to the Speech by Gambit HERE

6:30 PM EST (GMT -5): SOURCE GAMES NIGHT. MWM Members will be divvying up their time between TF2, CS:S, DoD:S, and HL2DM (L4D has it's own special day). Members can choose to play on only one game the whole time, divide time between two games, three game, etc. Everyone can go to the separate vent channels for the games they are playing.

10:00 PM EST (GMT -5): Source Games Night ends. Announcement of tomorrow (Saturday's) events.

SECOND DAY (Saturday, June 13th 2009):

NOON PM EST (GMT -5): Jump the Warbel Chasm 3 times in a ROW Competition - You can die as many times as you want and try as many times in this 1 HOUR as you want, but you MUST get 3 in a row. The ET ZOMBIES server will be set on Warbel with a 1 Hour time limit, everyone be axis and try to jump the chasm 3 times IN A ROW to win the competition. First person who does it wins. I will be in the game watching.

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST (GMT -5): 5 humans vs the 10 TA bots ON TA as allies on SaberPeak Final Competition. Time limit will be set at 3x the current time. - HOWEVER, no uni stealing then class changing to engi. You can steal uni, just no covert engi trick. Also Covert in Uni not allowed in axis spawns. This event will be monitored by NoVaCaNe for fairness. Any team of 5 humans can get together for this competition. Extra servers will be erected if needed for multiple same-time competitions. Teams must sumbit their wish to compete via PM to NoVaCaNe or Joker by NOON SATURDAY (EST) to be allowed to compete listing the 5 MWM MEMBERS who will be competing and a "Name" for your team.

3:00 PM EST (GMT -5): Combat Arms AND CrossFire hour. Members can play crossfire for about an hour on any game setting (ghost, deathmatch, Team DM, etc) The point is to just have fun. Members will go to the respective game channel.

4:00 PM EST (GMT -5): PANEL Q & A. Remember that "special podcast" we posted about? This is it! The panel will be asked questions (also made up by YOU, the MEMBERS) and will HAVE to answer them, no matter how weird/embarrassing/crazy they are! This will also be recorded as a podcast for both posterity's sake and for those who miss it.

Your Panel Members Are:

Akula, Nova, Gambit, Ninja, Joker, Ocelot & Duo


Listen to the Panel HERE

6:00 PM EST (GMT -5): ET ZOMBIES COMPETITION/DJ CEREBRUM. This should be one of the most FUN events of the ENTIRE MWMCON 2009. If you don't already know the ET Zombies rules, go read them here: ET ZOMBIES RULES

During this time I, (DJ Cerebum at this point) will be busting out SIX HOURS (that's right, SIX HOURS) of Trance and House music for everyone's listening pleasure. People are more than welcome to come in the room and play ET while listening.

9:05 PM EST (GMT -5): Zombies Competition ends. DJ Cerebrum will keep playing tunes and members can feel free to play any game they would like, MWM or otherwise.

THIRD AND FINAL DAY (Sunday, June 14th 2009):

2:00 PM (GMT -5): LEFT FOR DEAD DEADATHON/ TOTAL WAR CONQUESTS. Members will play L4D with whomever they want or even alone should they so choose. They can play on any or all of the modes of gameplay. Members will be in the L4D channel. Also during this time, members may choose to play ANY Total War game they have. They will be moved to the Total War channel.

4:00 PM (GMT -5): MWMCON 2009 KARAOKE Competition. That's right! Karaoke time again! This time however, it's extra special. Same rules as always apply. The entire KARAOKE EVENT can be heard HERE.

Listen to the Karaoke HERE

6:00 PM (GMT -5): Long Distance Knife Throwing Competition - Contestants stand on a line and their "targets" will stand at a distance almost at the edge of reachability. Their "targets" do not shoot back and cannot move, but they CHANGE LOCATION after each throw.

7:00 PM (GMT -5): Best One-Round event on Total Domination vs all other players on Stalingrad Competition - Everyone soldier, pistols, knives and machine guns only. Opponent and Team Kills will be added together and divided by deaths. Best ratio wins in the 30 minutes of Stalingrad. Any contestant to be considered a winner MUST have at least 40 kills.

7:45 PM (GMT -5): CLOSING CEREMONIES. This is where it all comes to and end. Nova will make another speech about the preceding weekend, his hopes for the future of MWM, and so on, AND announcements of winners of all competitions. The closing ceremonies can be heard HERE.

Listen to the Closing Ceremonies HERE

Each "Competition" above gets a prize for the winner(s). The entire winning team of the TA Saberpeak competition each get a Hat! All other prizes are being kept secret but FYI they have all been decided.

Anyone wishing to participate in the ET Zombies competition will need to visit the MWM Web Site and click on the servers page, click on Zombies Attack!!! server for information including what maps are there, the download you MUST get before connecting, AND the RULES for the competition.

May 28, 2009, Congrats to Ocelot, who has just been promoted to Commissioner. One of the most active members of MWM, Ocelot is almost always online either on Vent, X-Fire, gaming or the forums. He has mastered the administration end of the forums and is a major contributor to new ideas, concepts and contests which is why he now holds the highest rank of the CCC group.

May 27, 2009, Congrats to Joker, who has just been promoted to Chancellor. Proven his skills as a CCC member, he is now able to recruit members to the MWM Gaming Community. You can read all about him by clicking on the VIP section to the right.

May 25, 2009, MWM has officially expanded into Day of Defeat: Source. We now have help and discussion boards on the forum as well as it listed in our games list. Soon we will also have servers in DoD:S; we are currently perfecting the configurations. You can read all about the DoD:S Server HERE.

May 24, 2009, MWM has officially expanded into Crossfire and has added it to our games list. We now have help sections and discussion boards for this game.

April 30, 2009, Congrats to Yamato NJ 91, who has just been promoted to ET General. Longtime Policia and enforcer of the rules, he is now one of the people wh bring new recruits into MWM from ET.

April 3, 2009, Get your MWM Screen Saver for Windows 2000, XP and Vista. We have a variety of sizes. Click "MWM Screen Saver" on the left navigation below "Latest News & Links" for more information and the download links.

March 7, 2009, TF2 CTF server Map Change - Mach4 has been added and Canyon has been removed. As a result of our TF2 weekend, we determined Canyon was not a popular map, so it has been removed. Mach4 is quite popular in the community, so it has been added. Click on the "Servers" picture below the logo above this section and follow the link to the TF2 CTF server to download the map to speed up connection times. Pleace the map in your "Maps" folder in TF2.

March 1, 2009, Karaoke Night #2 Completed! Click "MWM Podcasts" on the left navigation below "Latest News & Links" for the link to listen to all of our Audio Items! Members go to the members forum for a LINK to download the entire thing to your iPod or other portable music device or to download a full copy for easy listening anytime!

February 28, 2009, MWM Quiz Night Winners are: Jamie, Ninja and Ryu! Congrats guys!!!

January 18, 2009, PODCAST 4 COMPLETED and READY FOR LISTENING! Click "MWM Podcasts" on the left navigation below "Latest News & Links" for the link to listen to all of our Podcasts! Members go to the members forum for a LINK to download the entire thing to your iPod or other portable music device or to download a full copy for easy listening anytime!

January 11, 2009, The MWM Gaming Community has launched a NEW web site to celebrate the new year and the new classes of administration. Additionally, those new classes are here to serve the community, and not a specific game. Use the legend to the right to understand the classes of administrators for the Community. Ranks of governemtal origin are for the Community while ranks fo Military are for game-specific administration. Which game administrators belong to is listed next to their name. Congrats to Felby and JaMes to their new posts as Community Admins.

January 11, 2009, The Christmas Contest has completed! Congrats to (in order) Church, Richy, Notorious and Ryu for their win!

January 1, 2009, HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!!! The Christmas Server is now Closed until November 28th 2009. Thanks for another great Christmas Server Party!

December 18, 2008, Over 30 members showed up for the MWM 2008 Christmas Party on our Christmas Server! We changed our names to be in the Christmas Spirit and had a blast.

December 15, 2008, The 2008 Christmas Contest Has Begun! It will run through the 4th of January! This contest is for MEMBERS ONLY, visit the memebrs forum for details. Prizes include fancy flash userbars and signatures, Platinum Memberships and God of War Memberships, and Team Fortress 2!

December 13 & 14, 2008 is a Christmas Gift day. For our members, FREE TF2 and FREE CS:S games! That's right, MWM has purchased games for certain members as Christmas Gifts! Only members receive these benefits and they know where to read all about it.

December 13, 2008, Some of our Policia have been promoted. Ninja and Yamato are now Advanced Policia, The Architect is now an Intermediate Policia, Dillusion and Requiem are now Beginner Policia! Congrats to all of you, keep up the good work, you earned these promotions!

December 12, 2008 is a TF2 OPEN HOUSE...a call for all MWM members to come play on the MWM TF2 server, and all guests are invited as well. Come play, have fun, join us on vent as well. Click the TF2 beginners server link to the left for more information on our server along with the IP and PORT information. Party begins at 10PM GMT and goes for 3-5 hours.

December 11, 2008, Ninja makes a late submission to Karaoke Night (which has been over for two weeks now). Listen to an 80's flashback....Ninja Style!

December 6, 2008, A VERY Special THANK YOU SO FREAKIN MUCH to Felby for his awesome, breathtaking, unbelieveable promo which you can watch HERE. It is 20 MB so if it is stuttering, hit pause and let it buffer up.

November 29, 2008, MWM has held their first Quarterly Karaoke event. There were 15 members and 2 guests present at the event, and 8 people gave it a whirl. Listen to them: Akula, The Architect, Gambit, MeAtSpIn!, Nightmare, QwertyCody, Signature_6t6 and ZC_Sharp. We would like to thank all who listened and participated. We would also like to thank QwertyCody for recording the entire event, and Dillusion for breaking it up so we could hear and re-hear individuals. To listen to the entire event including all the crazy chatter and comments from people between specific karaoke's by these people, click HERE.

November 28, 2008, MWM has opened up the Christmas Server once again! Our tradition is to have our Christmas Server open from Thanksgiving to the week after New Years, so it is now operational. View the details HERE.

November 28, 2008, Our members do some strange things on vent....and they make great comedy! Listen for yourself HERE.

November 23, 2008, How influential are our podcasts and Vent conversations? As a result of one line said during the podcast, we launch an entirely new site dedicated to this purpose! Click HERE to see it! And be sure to listen to the podcast and come to Vent to share your ideas, we may form an entirely new web site around your idea or suggestion!

November 22, 2008, The latest Podcast took place. It is now ready for listening. Click HERE to see our Podcasts.

October 5, 2008, MWM is now accepting applications to the Community from people who do NOT play a game MWM is currently expanded into. We are a gaming Community, so the games do not matter, finally our applications reflect this. And hey, if you get enough friends in whatever game you play into the Community, we will expand into your favorite game! Click "Join MWM" in the upper left corner of this site to apply now!

October 4, 2008, MWM has launched a Full-Time non-scrim ET Pro 2.60b Server, and it is called BloodBath. It is setup identical to our ET Pro Scrim & Train Server, but without the password. Read about them HERE.

September 1, 2008, MWM has officially expanded into Team Fortress 2 (TF2). We have our first server up and running, but it is a Vanilla server...good for first-timers to get to know TF2. Read about them HERE.

August 31, 2008, MWM has officially expanded into Counter Strike Source (CSS). Currently we have a scrim server up and it is used for regular gameplay when not scrimming. Read about them HERE.

August 29, 2008, MWM has launched a brand set of new ET servers, TC:E. The mod has been around for some time, but we finally decided to launch a couple servers running it. We have an objective version (TC:E) and a Bodycount version (TC:E BC). Read about them HERE.

August 16, 2008, MWM has launched a brand new ET server, HaRdCoRe, specifically for those really good players to show off their skill. It is a Rambo's paradise with no weapons skilled players commonly refer to as "noob" weapons. Read all about our new server HERE.

August 16, 2008, SniperWar gets a New Map! AE Sniper (Shadow Remix) has replaced Space Sniper on our SniperWar Server! Read all about our SniperWar Server and Download the New Map HERE.

August 8, 2008, MWM has expanded into Combat Arms! A free massive multiplayer FPS with quick gameplay and customizable weapons. Read all about the games we are in HERE.

More exciting news on the Star Wars front: A Jedi Knights version, based on b4, is up and running! We have set it up as a NEW server and not modified the Beta 4 server we have. It is listed on The Star Wars Official Mod Site with the IP and PORT for you to directly connect, or look for the name in the ET list. Uniforms conform to Jedi Knights, meaning there are WOOKIES, ROBOTS, BOBA VETTE, and many other uniforms right out of the Jedi Knights game here on ET. A few weapons have also been modified. It is running the same map rotation as our Star Wars b4 server.

Another first for MWM, we have a custom soundpack on Snails. It is only a 500k download so don't worry about downloading it ahead of time. It is MEMBERS voices of things they say on vent conversations, and it is REAL funny. Connect up and see the new vchat 8 menu and enjoy!

We have allied with BloodBucket Clan! As of now, it is official. Our goals and views are in line with each other, so it was a perfect pairing.

Exciting news on the Star Wars front! New Version is COMPLETE - Read about it Here!

MWM has launched a New server, Total War. The purpose of the server is WAR. This server has virtually NO objectives. The only purpose is to KILL the other team. Some maps are large, but most are small with few hiding spots. Grab a gun and let the fight begin!

A new section has been added to the web site. Checkout our GEMS, they are quite entertaining.

MWM Community is about FUN and FRIENDS. Therefore, we attempt to have a variety of servers which appeal to a large number of people. Each server is unique in some way.

New to the game? Try Snails. It is our beginners server. Everything goes slower and as long as you already have jaymod installed there is nothing to download. If you are an experienced player, try Jaymod. All Noob weapons have been disabled, and it is a server about skill. If you are crazy about Star Wars like we are, head over to Star Wars Full Mod. Total Annihilation has our hardest Omni-Bots enabled so be prepared to be owned. Kill Those Assholes just as Omni-bots with names of people that are assholes, so have fun killing them! 2 FUN has the best and most beautiful maps for many people to have fun. War Factory is like Total Annihilation but the Omni-bots are easier and there is a complete custom mod with new weapon visuals, uniforms, and sounds. Sniper War & Headshots are just what they say, servers specializing in those features. NoQuarter has all the fun stuff enabled on the NoQuarter Mod. Crazy Stuff is complete chaos, with gravity changing and sniperwar/panzerwar coming and going, as well as people being flung and thrown everywhere. Do not think you are coming to play a serious game on this server. Snails2 - CustomMaps is our seasonal server, which changes over time to suit the whims of our members. And finally, all of our servers have a strict No Spawn Killing policy, but for those people who cannot help themselves, head on over to SpawnKill Central.

Want to Join MWM? Click the 'Join' link in the upper left part of this site.

MWM has now 8 clans which are BANNED from MWM SERVERS. Read the news section for more information. We try to get along with everyone, but if you are in another clan and decide to come onto our servers and badmouth us, our servers, or repeatedly break our rules, especially the universal one about no clan going to another clan's server and recruiting, expect to get your clan banned from our servers. If your clan has been banned, only your leader or owner can make a post in our forum under complaints informing us what actions you took against the offender, and how you let your members know this was unacceptable behavior. Otherwise, a ban on your clan will stay in effect.

Two MWM servers get a makeover!

MWM Elite SE has been renamed to MWM Jaymod and now has restricted heavy weapons and a change of maps. Read more about it Here!

MWM 2 Fast 2 Furious has been renamed to MWM 2 FUN and has been slowed down some and a change of maps. Read more about it Here!

Our NoQuarter server got an overhaul this weekend. It also got moved to a new IP. Click Here to read all about our NoQuarter server!

PunkBuster has been enabled on ALL of our servers now. Remember, when connecting to a PunkBuster server, you MUST have a name...blank names will get you kicked. Additionally, non-standard keyboard characters in your name will get you kicked. Finally, if you have a real old version of PunkBuster, you will be kicked. Click the PunkBuster logo to download a PunkBuster Update program!

MWM Launches a new server - MWM Spawn Kill Central! Due to many people having the uncontrollable desire to spawn kill and our strict policy of no spawn killing, we offer those people a server where they can fulfill their desires. Click SPAWNKILL CENTRAL to find out more.

There is no Spawn Killing on our servers. Click Here to see what we call Spawn Killing.

MWM has finally launched their Sniper Server. Running on Jaymod with some of the Jaymod fun enabled, this server is running 5 Sniper Maps plus one non-sniper map (but people love to play it as snipers). Read all about it Here!

Star Wars Full Mod gets All New Custom Maps!

Red Barron Scrim Team has changes its' name. It is now the Screaming Eagles Scrim Team. Their home is still our Jaymod server.

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