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MWM Members enjoy many benefits, and they are all free. Membership into MWM is totally free and NEVER costs anything. We also regularly have contests which give prizes. However, members can also purchase special privelages via Ultra Membership and Specialist Memberships. Only members may purchase these two items. If a Non-member purchases either of these, it will be considered a DONATION. Purchasing items from MWM will not get you in as a member. Anyone can make a donation or purchase an MWM Gaming Community hat.

Game servers cost money. Bandwidth costs money. Web sites and forums cost money. Donations and special memberships help to offset the large pricetag associated with running a large community such as MWM. MWM appreciates every penny given by anyone. All purchasers get listed on our VIP page unless you specify you do NOT want to be listed.

When making a purchase, please list in the COMMENT field your forum name, or if you are a guest with no forum account, please list how you would like your name to appear on our VIP page. You may also donate anonymously and no mention of your donation will appear on our site and our members will not know of it.

Items Only Members can Purchase
Purchases of special memberships are discounted for longer timeframes. Only members may purchase special memberships. Members of Ultra Status get an Email Account ( if they purchase 6 months or more. Members of Specialist status get an email account if they purchase 3 months or more. Email accounts continue even after the purchase of the special membership expires, as long as they are a member of the MWM Gaming Community. Ultra and Specialist members also get a special status "Rank" on gameservers and both forums, as well as the forever listing in the VIP page on the web site. Both Ultra and Specialist members also get extra administrative commands available in certain games, like Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.

MWM Ultra Membership
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MWM Specialist Membership
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Items Anyone can Purchase
Would you like to make a donation or purchase a cool MWM Gaming Community Hat? Shipping on the Hat is $9 anywhere in the world. It is in addition to the price listed below. MWM accepts many forms of payment, including all major credit cards, bank transfers, and any currency. Prices are shown in US currerncy. To make a donation or purchase a hat with old fashion cash, please email NoVaCaNe_at_MWMGC_dot_COM for details.

Make a Donation

Donate any amount of money, any currency!

MWM Gaming Community Hat
See pictures below

$22 each plus $9 shipping Worldwide

Our hats are 100% cotton, have a VELCRO back for perfect adjustment fit to any head size, and are bright red with Black lettering on the front (as pictured below). There are 4 heat escape holes (pictured) and the hats are pre-arched for immediate wear. Click the images for larger views.

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