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About the MWM Community

MWM is a place for all. We have many servers each with a specific purpose. This community is about the people, not about the skill or the game or skill. We want everyone to know each other and feel like this is your family. You are a part of the MWM Community, and we want you to feel that you can discuss anything with us. We can help you resolve real life issues. We are your support group. We have helped members quit smoking, lose weight, deal with deaths in the family, and get over many other real life issues. Here at MWM we treat you like adults, even if you are not yet considered an adult by the rest of the world. Respect is the most important item here; Respecting not only other clan and community members, but also everyone who comes here. Disrespect will get you quickly removed from the community and barred from our servers and forums. We take the rules seriously. Everyone is here to have fun.

MWM members are your family. You will see many members sitting in spec chatting instead of playing. We are a social environment. The forums are active with chat about everything. Discussions are not limited to games, although discussing games is a big part of what we do. We do not care which games you play. This is about the people, not the game. Servers we control will obviously only be in games which allow us to host servers, and only games which our members play.

When posting on the forum, be respectful of your fellow members and guests.

Come on to our Ventrilo servers and be social. Ventrilo requires no password. VENT.MWMGC.Com is our IP. For vent, you have to pick a name; Port 5077.

As we have mentioned, the MWM Community is a social group and a lot less like a gaming clan. We have some people who take gaming real serious, and they play on the advanced skill servers and they scrim other clans/groups/communities. Others take a much more relaxing approach to the game and play on Star Wars or CrAzYsTuFf and NoQuarter. Others are here to release some frustration and anger and they play on Kill Those Assholes and Total Annihilation.

Our admins have all been in clans in their past. We all know how to be admins, so you can be assured that there will be no abuse while you are on our servers. Our admins have also seen what happens when there are admins who do not know how to conduct themselves, and those admins will not be tolerated. We have a low tolerance for rule-breakers. Our admins know how to conduct themselves, know how to use their abilities, and know how to kick and ban the rif-raf.

Our community has only ONE social and respectful. Members of MWM Gaming Community are required to visit our forums, both the public and members-only forum, at least once a week. We realize real life comes first and sometimes does not allow for active participation in the gaming community, so we ask members who will be absent for a while to simply post it.

Members enjoy benefits such as having a voice in what new servers we setup, participation in contests which we hold regularly, which yield prizes, participation in our podcasts and other vent-events, and some are even chosen to be a part of the administration-aspect of the community.

Everyone is free to join. There are no fees and no skill requirements. As mentioned, the only requirement is continued participation in the forums. You don't even have to play any of our games to join us. It costs nothing. Simply click "Join MWM" in the upper left corner of the site and fill out the application. Our recruiting group (names listed on the right side of the site) will review your application. Honesty in your application will help enormously to getting you accepted. However, since participation is a requirement, you MUST be able to understand ENGLISH and communicate with us (speak or write at least some english). The application start page will give you more details.

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